About Pashmina Cashmere

Cashmere Scarves, shawl, blankets

Pashmina/Cashmere is a textile which is very soft and warm, and used as scarves and shawls made of fur from goats.

Pure 100% Pashmina/Cashmere scarves and shawls are available, though many people find them too soft and delicate to handle this 100% Pashmina is the best of all shawl.

Pashmina/Cashmere is a blend of pashmina/Cashmere(goat) wool and fine silk This makes strength and durability to the pashmina/Cashmere. Blends range from 80% pashmina/Cashmere 20% silk all the way to 30% Pashmina/Cashmere and 70% Silk. The higher the content of pashmina/Cashmere wool, the more expensive. We have seen many people selling any other kind of shawls as Pashmina/Cashmere. It is always good to verify or to know the real 100% Pashmina/Cashmere with other quality of Pashmina/Cashmere.

Pashmina/Cashmere scarves and shawls are available in a wide range of colors. Most pashmina/Cashmeres are in standard two ply, which has sufficient weight and smoothness for the cold weather and summer evening time.Lighter, single-ply pashmina is also available and ideal for warmer weather. Single-ply pashmina/Cashmere usually has a higher silk content.

Caring Pashmina/Cashmere to keep last longer and durable.

  1. Dry-cleaning is highly recommended.
  2. Your Pashmina/Cashmere shawl be hand washed in cold or lukewarm water using mild wool detergent specially made for delicate items.
  3. Your Pashmina/Cashmere should then be laid flat to dry.
  4. Gently stretch your Pashmina/Cashmere and allow it to dry completely.

Steam or Dry Ironing:

Always use a thin, clean white cotton cloth on top of the shawl.
Set low temperature setting (wool or delicate).

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